Sanctuary Investment Solutions provides the flexibility you need

to employ third party manager strategies. Our open architecture SMA/UMA platform seamlessly integrates technology that is equal parts intuitive and powerful, with flexible investment options and hands-on product support. We built it to create a cohesive experience that facilitates advisor growth and empowers positive client experiences.

Features of our SMA/UMA capabilities include:


  • Seamless integration of multiple investments, including funds, equites and fixed income
  • Model management offering the opportunity to construct various portfolio scenarios
  • Manager connectivity allowing you access to enhance your selection process
  • Wrap/Non-wrap allowing you to bundle services or select them individually as needed


  • Sleeve level reporting for visibility on performance at a strategy level
  • Overlay technologies to enhance reporting
  • Performance reporting with a transparent and robust set of online screens


  • Execution that is reliable, timely and accurate
  • Clearance for all your trading activity
  • API Connectivity creating a seamless interface with our platform


  • Trade administration for handling all support functions around your trading activity
  • Tax lot services providing record-keeping to track the dates of purchase and sale, cost basis, and transaction size for each security in your portfolio
  • Proposal generation for creating client-ready documentation

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