Philosophy & Process

Our Investment Approach

By combining qualitative macroeconomic assessment, fundamental credit analysis and quantitative research, we can help ensure that the limitations of each type of analysis are balanced by the strengths of the others.

Financial Science
Lays The Foundation

Our investment process is based on an academically supported, market-tested framework that aims to identify securities with higher expected returns based on their current market prices and other company financial information.

Our Process is Designed
for Consistency

As part of our portfolio management and trading processes, we analyze whether the benefits of a trade overcome its associated costs and risks. We seek to harness return premiums while managing implementation costs.

Customized Solutions

We use our understanding of investors’ needs to deliver transparent investment strategies that work well inside a broader asset allocation.

We Take A Cost-Conscious

Scalable, efficient portfolio construction and engineering allows for broadly diversified solutions with low rebalancing costs, capital gains and fees. We expect to pass these savings on to our clients through lower management fees.

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